Introducing Freedom In Christ to your nation

Pictured above are some of our staff and volunteers from around the world gathered at our International Staff Meeting which takes place somewhere in the world every two years. Are you interested in taking the message of Freedom In Christ Ministries to your country (if it does not already have a representative)? If so, there are two possible ways of getting started:

1. Facilitate a conference of leaders in your country

Freedom In Christ Ministries is a ministry that supports church leaders by providing them with discipleship materials. We try to raise up a local team in each country who will contextualise our resources and equip the Church.

A good way of introducing Freedom In Christ into a new country is to invite us to come and run a conference for church leaders. Ideally we would want to partner with an organisation or church that is well-respected and is able to host a good conference and ensure that leaders know about it. We are looking for people who understand our message and have a real sense that God is calling them to introduce it to their country.

2. Consider becoming a FICM Representative in your country

Anyone who represents us must be able to relate well to church leaders and have a good understanding of our discipleship approach. We are looking for people who have a personal testimony of the impact of our message on their lives and feel a sense of call by God to take the message to others. An ability to teach is desirable. You may also need to translate our materials into your own language - you would either need a good standard of English yourself or the ability to manage a translation project.

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We do not provide finance to representatives starting in new countries. Each representative is responsible for working out before God their own financial model, be it raising support, selling resources, running events or a mixture of those. Many of our representatives earn their living from another job and respresent Freedom In Christ in their spare time.

If you are interested in exploring this further, the first thing to do is make sure that you understand our message very well. The best way to do this would be to read Victory Over The Darkness and The Bondage Breaker by Dr. Neil T. Anderson or to go through The Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course by Neil Anderson & Steve Goss. We would also expect you to have gone through our ministry process, The Steps To Freedom In Christ by Neil Anderson.

You will need to complete a detailed application form which will be presented to our International Council.

The next step

Please contact us with a few details about yourself explaining why you feel you may be called to take this step.