Experience A Sample Session From The Lightbringers!

1. Leader's Guide Book

The first thing you need is your Leader's Guide, a 276-page book for everyone who is leading a Lightbringers group. It contains detailed instructions, hints and tips, suggestions for games and activities, a time plan for each session, and a whole load more incredibly useful material. It's available in both British English and American English editions. On this page only we have made the first session available as a pdf file for you to download:

Session 1 American English (letter size)

Session 1 British English (A4 size)

When you buy the Leader's Guide from your local Freedom In Christ office or other retailer, you will receive a code entitling you to a 25% reduction on the cost of the online resources which you purchase on this website.


2. Downloadable Resources


First of all, there is an activity sheet to print out for each participant:
Session 1 Activity Sheet 5-8-year-olds American English (letter size)
Session 1 Activity Sheet 5-8-year-olds British English (A4 size)
Session 1 Activity Sheet 9-11-year-olds American English (letter size)
Session 1 Activity Sheet 9-11-year-olds British English (letter size)
Then there's a PowerPoint presentation to use:
Session 1 PowerPoint presentation 5-8-year-olds
Session 1 PowerPoint presentation 9-11-year-olds


When you buy The Lightbringers Church Edition Downloadable Resources, you will get HD videos to download or stream. For the sample session we are linking you to streamed versions only.

Here's a sample of one of the 11 specially-written songs that come in audio (MP3) versions and lyric video versions:

And now, take a look at a sample of the story videos.

First, The Adventures Of Lilly Pepper, the story for younger children:

And this is The Lightbringers, the story for older children:

We hope this has given you a good idea of what you can expect when you order The Lightbringers Church Edition. Our prayer is that it will help you impact the lives of many, many children who will go on into adulthood as fruitful disciples of Jesus!
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